Sierra Animal Wellness Center
Phone: (530) 346-6611
1506 S. Canyon Way
Colfax, CA 95713


New Clients

At Sierra Animal Wellness Center, we focus on both patient and client during an unrushed, gently-paced appointment period, with the attention to detail required by a holistic, integrative approach. We emphasize individualized, compassionate care, and offer conventional medicine as well as acupuncture, herbal medicine and other branches of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine. We also offer laser therapy, surgery, dentistry, lab work and radiology.

We generally see two types of patients. The first are usually regulars of the practice who come in for wellness care. Their dogs and cats are typically seen annually or semi-annually for a checkup. This includes a thorough exam, and depending on age, health, lifestyle and risks, blood profiles, testing and any required lab work.

The second type come from referrals or research done by an animal’s owner. Serious, painful, or life-threatening medical issues may be involved and our new patients have often been to specialists and had numerous tests. Dr. Peggy has extensive experience dealing with these kinds of cases. Often a client needs the help of someone who can review case files, look at everything that has been done, then examine the patient using both eastern and western medicine. Dr. Peggy has enough experience in both western and complementary/alternative modalities to guide you honestly in how to proceed.

Your First Visit

First, please complete our New Client Registration form and bring it with you or fax it or email it prior to your appointment. Whatever is most convenient for you works for us. Before your visit, please contact your pet's previous veterinarians and request that they fax or email the medical records to our office. Our fax number is (530) 346-6699. Our email address is Please specifically request the “doctor’s notes,” since invoices are not helpful. X-rays will usually need to be picked up in person. Also, bring any medications or supplements your pet is currently taking. It can also be helpful if you keep notes of your observations including any shifts in behavior.

Dr. Peggy will take a full history, including a review of past medical records, perform a comprehensive physical exam, discuss diet, assess your companion’s relationship with her/his environment, and the relationships with other family members. Our goal is to help you establish a feasible wellness care routine and if there is illness, we’ll work together to help establish a successful treatment protocol.

Being an integrative and holistic practice we embrace all options. There are cases that require acupuncture, herbal therapy, laser treatment, medications or surgery. Dr. Peggy will lay out the options and is comfortable helping you make treatment decisions. We find that working together as a team generally yields the greatest success for your beloved companions.

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