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Subject: Thank You for Your Care and Support
Good Morning Dr. Roberts and Staff,

I wanted to thank you again for the care, compassion and assistance given to our unexpected feline family (Momma Kitty and Kittens)!

Momma is still wheezing and sneezing but is understandable for the heartache she went through trying to keep her babies alive and safe in an unknown/unprotected environment without food and water. I may need to pick up some more antibiotics for her. All four kittens look so much better with their meds and are enjoying a warm, comfy bed with unlimited food, water and LOVE. I am sharing a picture of this very appreciative family.

I have decided I am going to keep Momma Kitty and the orange kitten (she is very malnourished and he is the smallest and will most likely need more care). I will be actively looking for a good home for the other three kittens. I cannot bring myself to take them to a shelter (they have been through enough in their short little lives). If you know of anyone that is looking for a kitten, please let me know.

Also, I would like to transfer my existing felines and puppy records to your office if you are accepting new patients. Please let me know.

Again, a heartfelt Thank You to all of you for your assistance!!

With much gratitude,



In July 2007 our barn cat, Fuzzy, was diagnosed with Feline Infectious Anemia. Our regular vet sent us down to Loomis Basin, where she was admitted to the ICU with an PCV level of 9% (normal is 25%). A blood transfusion, bone marrow biopsy, and countless day's of antibiotics and IV fluid later - Fuzzy Kitty was released to us with a PCV level of 17%. We returned to our regular vet for countless check ups and blood draws, but the antibiotics and prednisone pills weren't working. We tried 3 other types of medicine - nothing worked and Fuzzy was getting worse. Our Regular vet pretty much told me to take her home and let her pass away peacefully. I wasn't ready to accept that, and I didn't feel like Fuzzy was done fighting so I made a frantic call to Dr. Rena (our treasured Goat and Llama vet) and she told me to call Dr. Peggy at Sierra Animal Wellness Center ASAP. I did - and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. I took Fuzzy up to see her that Monday. Dr. Peggy did some acupuncture on Fuzzy, put her back on antibiotics and added some Chinese herbs. It took a few ups and downs but Dr. Peggy never gave up on Fuzzy. I think Fuzzy made Dr. Peggy nervous a few times - but she never stopped trying. Today, Fuzzy kitty is back to her normal self and is only taking the herbs. There is no doubt in my mind - or anyone else's that Dr. Peggy saved Fuzzy's life. Dr. Peggy has been a true blessing to our pets lives and I don't think I can ever thank her or the staff at SWAC enough!

Rebecka Norman & Fuzzy Kitty

Letter sent to the Colfax Record Newspaper

Recently, my Golden Retriever "Nova" had a cancerous tumor removed.
Before the operation, I was encouraged to visit the Sierra Animal Wellness Center where they practice holistic medicine for large and small animals; they are located at the Gold Run exit off Highway 80 (389-8267).
Holistic medicine respects and is attuned to the wisdom of the body - allowing the natural processes to help combat stress and disease.
Dr. Peggy Roberts, DVM, prescribed some Chinese herbs to aid in Nova's recovery from surgery.
Her recovery was remarkably swift, considering the size of the tumor that was removed from a very narrow place on her leg.
Dr. Peggy's approach of seeing a particular health problem in relation to the whole animal also led to a change in diet to raw food - primarily raw meat, vegetables, and whole grains.
From the center's Canine natural Raw Food Diet: "The genetic encoding of the raw food and the genetic encoding of your pet is a match; this is the key to revitalizing a weakened system; heated and processed food destroys DNA and RNA structural intelligence, creating food that is appropriate only for survival, not health."
The Center has a wealth of information on diet, holistic care, practices acupuncture as needed, and they recommend massage and other Chinese veterinary methods.
I can't thank them enough for what they offer our community and for helping us to recognize the importance of the emotional health, as well as the physical health, of our companion pets.

Ellen Persa,
Executive Director
AnimalSave in Grass Valley
January 27, 2005

Letter from clients of Nevada City

We would like to share with all pet lovers our experience.
We have a persian cat that is approximately 10 years old.
He was throwing up, and losing weight. We took him to a local veterinarian who did a scan and found growths in one kidney. The only cure, he said was a kidney transplant.
We called around looking for someone who did acupuncture and were directed to Dr. Peggy in the town of Gold Run.
A blessing to us and our cat. She has given him acupuncture treatments, told us of a diet especially for Persian cats, and given him Chinese Herbs. She also told us that kidney transplants only work when you can get a doner from the same litter.
He is now a healthy cat, has gained weight and no more throwing up.
Acupunture is a pain free way to aid them to health.
What a blessing Dr. Peggy has been for us.

Al & Miriam Wright
January 18, 2005

Letter from clients of Auburn

Dear Dr. Peggy:

I can't thank you enough for all you've done for Caleb, my Australian cattle
dog. At nearly 12 years old, Caleb was showing signs of severe arthritis. He
had always been an active, athletic dog and it broke my heart to see him
hesitate when it was time for our walks. One day I found him whimpering at the
foot of the stairs, apparently in too much pain to make the climb.

Caleb's regular veterinarian could offer only strong anti-inflammatories that
had little effect and would eventually damage his liver and other organs. I
started researching possible alternatives to conventional treatments and
learned that acupuncture could ease the pain associated with arthritis.
I asked my vet about it and was referred to you and Sierra Animal Wellness Center.

I was a little skeptical at Caleb's first visit, but decided to give it a try
because nothing else had helped. It helped my confidence to find you were a
UC Davis-trained vet who had gone on to learn acupuncture at the University of
Florida. (addendum from Dr Peggy "I attended the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society training in Florida".)

I was surprised that Caleb accepted the treatment so readily, but could never
have imagined how quickly he would respond. By the second visit, he was
walking with more ease. By the fourth visit, he was clearly enjoying our outings
again. The treatments became less frequent as he improved. It's now been
four months since that first visit, and over six weeks since Caleb's last treatment.
He is able to go on longer walks and even hikes by the river. He'll even bound
up the stairs if I let him. I see none of the obvious signs of pain he
exhibited before starting his treatments. The acupuncture, Chinese herbs and
diet changes you recommended have made a tremendous difference in Caleb's
life. When no one else could help, you provided an arthritis treatment that
really works.

Finally, I've been very pleased at the reasonable cost of Caleb's treatment.
I looked into other veterinary acupuncturists in the area who charged up to
three times the fees of Sierra Animal Wellness Center. Most of those clinics
also recommended much more frequent visits. While it certainly would have
been worth that cost to help ease Caleb's pain, it was very nice to find a local
vet who offers excellent care at more affordable prices.

Please feel free to use me as a reference. I'll gladly share Caleb's story
with anyone whose dog is suffering as he was. Though I was skeptical at first,
I'm now a real believer in the effectiveness of acupuncture. You've given
Caleb -- and me -- a wonderful gift.

Cheryl Pirtle
November 18, 2004

February 12, 2012
I have been bringing my dog, Timber, to Sierra Animal Wellness since August, 2007. He had an extremely puzzling, chronic infection resulting from ear surgery that was done in 2006. Traditional veterinary medicine was not working and Timber was getting progressively worse when we found Dr. Peggy. She used a combination of Eastern and Western medicine with Timber and we could see an improvement after his first acupuncture treatment. It took a huge amount of research and perseverance on Dr. Peggy’s part as well as many different combinations of Chinese herbs and traditional antibiotics, but now Timber is feeling better than ever. He is energetic, happy, pain free and loving life.
Dr. Peggy Roberts and her staff are amazing. They are friendly and compassionate. I have always felt that Dr. Peggy and Timber have a special bond, but Timber adores everyone and looks forward to all of his visits. I get a follow up phone call after every visit and if I ever have any questions or concerns, Dr. Peggy always takes my calls or returns them promptly. I am so very grateful to have found Sierra Animal Wellness Center.
--Cathy Peterson

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