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Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine has a long and respected history. Chinese medical texts from the Han Dynasty (200 AD) describe hundreds of herbal formulas, many of which are still in use today. Chinese Herbs can be used to support the body in many ways. They can be used to supplement or replace conventional medicines in the treatment of acute disease such as arthritis, kidney disease, thyroid disease, paralysis, seizures, inflammatory bowel disease, behavioral disorders and many others. They can also be used as a form of preventive medicine or as long-term, “tonic” formulas to help strengthen an aging patient.

While herbs are the “ultimate” natural remedy, they are also potent medicine, which must be prescribed by a knowledgeable practitioner and used appropriately. Sierra Animal Wellness Center has a full pharmacy of Chinese Herbs, in different forms including powders, teapills, tinctures and salves. Our sources of herbs are from legitimate producers and are very safe to use.

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