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Meet Dr. Peggy

Margaret Hahs Roberts has a passion for animals that took hold when she was a very young girl. At age 6 she declared to her Mom her intention to become a vet. She never wavered in that decision and to this day feels it is her calling. 

A graduate of the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine she has been in practice since 1983. While in the Bay Area she grew to love the Chinese Shar Pei and became a breed specialist focusing on their many unique health issues. In 1998 Dr. Peggy, her husband Ken and daughter Gabrielle moved to Grass Valley looking for a quieter, more sustainable way of life. Dr. Peggy filled in at a number of vet hospitals and eventually joined the practice of Dr. Rena Ferreira, a move that changed her life and her whole view of veterinary medicine. Over the years she had learned that while she loved being a vet, it needed some "tweaking." She wanted to truly heal animals and not just send them away with quick fixes. After observing some of the remarkable successes Dr. Rena had treating animals with acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM), Dr. Peggy decided to follow in her footsteps and pursue additional education in TCVM and acupuncture. She then completed advanced studies in Chinese herbs, nutrition, Tui Na massage and aquapuncture, a branch of acupuncture. 

“Learning to heal animals using the tools of acupuncture and herbs forever changed the way I practice medicine. With Chinese medicine I learned to take a holistic view of an animal, learning about his or her personality, habits, diet, home surroundings, and playmates as well as the physical symptoms. It has allowed me to practice medicine proactively.” – Dr. Peggy Roberts

Dr. Peggy’s goal with every animal is to take that proactive approach to help identify and reduce potential or existing health risks. An integrative veterinarian, Dr. Peggy believes there is no one perfect way to heal the body and instead focuses on the treatment modality or combination of modalities that will unlock a specific animal’s healing potential. The ultimate goal is vibrant health and a state of wellness. She is also passionate about educating and empowering pet guardians to become advocates for the animals in their lives. 

“I believe in partnering with my patients’ owners and feel that educating clients is one of the most powerful tools to help our animal friends live the full and healthy lives they were meant to live.” – Dr. Peggy

Dr. Peggy now lives on a ranch in Gold Run, California, with husband Ken, her beloved horses, goats, assorted dogs and Scottish Fold cats. A proud Mom, Dr. Peggy’s daughter, Gabi, has left the nest and is currently studying aeronautical engineering at the UCLA School of Engineering and Applied Science.

Dr Rena Ferreira

Dr. Rena Ferreira had a ranch call practice largely caring for horses, llamas, goats, sheep and cattle. As her ranch clients saw the tremendous improvement acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) made in their large animals, they begged Rena to try it on their smaller pets. In 1997 she started a small animal clinic in a room of the old post office and cafe in Gold Run, CA. Her skills, kindness and loving care made a huge difference in the quality of life of her patients and clients. Rena passed away from ovarian cancer in 2009, but her spirit and values continue to guide our clinic and staff.

Dr. Peggy met Rena at a llama medicine seminar in September 2000. She had become interested in practicing in a more holistic way and asked Rena if she needed any help. Rena, who was normally in a constant state of overwork, said she would love to have someone come in to handle the day to day emergencies so she could focus on the acupuncture and Chinese medicine.

After seeing the tremendous beneficial impact Dr. Rena was able to make in her patients’ lives, Dr. Peggy entered the International Veterinary Acupuncture training program in October, 2003. She completed the program in March, 2004, and then began the Chinese Herbal training program with the Chi Institute in Florida. Since then, Dr. Peggy has completed over 200 hours of additional training in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine including herbal therapy, Chinese food therapy, and Tui Na medical massage as well as continuing education at the Holistic Veterinary Medicine annual conferences and International Veterinary Acupuncture conference. This training, coupled with almost 13 years of learning from her patients' responses to these treatment modalities, has confirmed that integrating western and eastern medicine is the most beneficial way to address illness/imbalances in animals.

Over the years we have seen the demand for holistic veterinary care steadily increase and our support staff has grown from just one to eight. The original Gold Run clinic grew from the one room, eventually filling the entire building. In 2010, to keep up with the increased demand, we moved to our current location, a larger building in Colfax, California.

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